Candy Rainbow Yarn

yarn Nov 21, 2020

£20 for 100g superwash merino, tussah silk, silver stellina in 4ply

Here is how my son and I solar dyed this yarn:

Care instructions:

I recommend hand washing your finished items in cold water with unscented wool wash and lay flat to shape and dry. Do not tumble dry. All yarn has been pre-washed to remove excess dye however some bleeding may occur. This is due to excess dye left over from the dyeing process. It should rinse out. This is more likely to happen with dark, saturated colours (blues, blacks, purples, reds etc).


I do my best to accurately portray the colours in my yarns however please be aware that colours of the yarns might not exactly match what you see on your monitor due to monitor colour settings.

No two hand dyed skeins of yarn will be exactly the same, even if they were dyed together. This is part of the beauty of hand dyed yarn because of this I recommend you alternate skeins every couple of rows.

Keep yarn out of direct sunlight when storing.


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